Big Cheese Magazine Review 'Bucko'

'This is an easy nomination for album of the year' - 5/5

Fickle Public's live shows are acclaimed for their ferocity and aggression, but 'Bucko' proves that the studio hasn't muted them; quite the opposite, it sounds like they've shredded the studio as mightily as they shred the stage. single 'Just Like I Got Used To Saying Courteney Cox Arquette' is neither full-on hard-core thrash not disjointed pop genius, but somehow manages to masterfully tame both beasts at once. 'Five Four To The Floor' is unabashedly brutal and more straight up, though the softer moments are just as striking for showing diversity and an impressive maturity for a first full-length release. With songs this good, and a sound that just won't quit, this is an easy nomination for album of the year.

- Jonathan Falcone, Big Cheese