Impact Magazine Review 'Man Vs. Monster'

'All in all a musical tour de force which will have you convulsed in a paroxysm of wrath, tears and glory' - 5/5

Hailing from the Northern Ireland garage rock scene in 2003, this outfit truly personifies the mantra utilised by history’s perennial rockers: sing with vehemence and sway with conviction! The brain child of ex Jetplane landing guitarist Cahir O’Doherty and drummer Craig Mckean (Clearshot), this trio have no qualms with delivering what can only be described as a three pronged audio assault, transporting the catatonic bodies in the mosh pit to a sate of unbridled infuriation.

Having toured with the likes of Biffy Clyro, Reuben and Million Dead over the past 3 years, FWW’s association with these cardinal Alt-rock pillars is testament to both the stylistic forces that permeate their sound, as well as the notion that a relentless entity has been born into the garage rock milieu and is well and truly here to stay!

Prominent cuts from 'Man Vs Monster' include primary single "Everybody Needs A Nemesis"; a track that deceptively chokes its listener on first acquaintance with its viscerally charged introduction. It’s clear that this outfit closely adhere to executing their own brand of TNT laced tabs with a no nonsense attitude; as O’Doherty erratically meanders the stage fuelled by the electro-chemical concoction of rage and adrenalin the music is so apt at eliciting.

With instruments poised as weapons, this band deploys successive waves of sonorous arsenal: an observation pertinently captured in the high-octane joint "My Armoury"…where cumbersome guitar riffs backed by drum beats executed with scorn combine to invoke one belligerent brute of a record. All in all a musical tour de force which will have you convulsed in a paroxysm of wrath, tears and glory…definitely not for the faint hearted.

- Sixty Gelu, Impact Magazine