The Evening Echo Review 'Man Vs. Monster'

'An album that really brings rock back to its moshing roots' - 4/5

'Man Vs Monster' is as worthy an album as any from the best rockers around - which is some praise considering this is a debut from the Derry band Fighting With Wire.

These guys have steered a path away from the punk-pop fun sound and towards something far more serious, though keeping their grunge credentials firmly in check, which is something that can only be admired.

From opener "Cut The Transmission", the band have set out their hard-alt-rock credentials with atmospheric uplifiting numbers following in its wake, that lack little soul or raw energy.

They excel when taking the song by the scruff of the neck to deliver a no-holds-barred rocking romp, though on power ballad, "Sugar", they show they can also connect with their more tender side. The sound of Seattle, brought to us by the likes of Nirvana and Pearl Jam, can be referenced here, and that is no small praise. An album that really brings rock back to its moshing roots.

- Kieran Dineen, Evening Echo