Forget Everything You Though You Knew. AU Review Backlash Cop

4.5/5 - 35 minutes of frenetic and funky musical insanity that none of their peers would even dream of.

'Wait, did I just say genitals?' When this soon-to-be-immortal line is dropped within the first minute and a half of the record it becomes clear that Jetplane Landing are once again set to confound expectations. Evolution is out, reinvention is in. Forget everything you though you knew and prepare to have your mind blown.

While previous album 'Once Like A Spark' was quite different from their debut 'Zero For Conduct', you could at least align that record with what was happening in the UK music scene at the time. JPL fitted in perfectly alongside the likes of Hundred Reasons, Biffy Clyro and Hell Is For Heroes. They all had a knack for churning out flawless, heavy, rigg driven post-hardcorew. You might have predicted that they would conftinue on the course that bringing them a fair amount of success and fans. Yet here we are presented with what can only be dexcribed as a funk-hardcore concept album. Yes, funk. Of all the directions that Jetplane could have gone in, it's doubtful a single person would have wagered money on this one. But it totally works.

They've created a sound that stands alone in today's playing field. It's 35 minutes of frenetic and funky musical insanity that none of their peers would even dream of. Cut together like a single segued track, the album moves long seamlessly, weaving linked lyrical themes that reference greats such as Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis and Les Savy Fav. It's so clearly well studied it feels like an education just listening to it. There are stories and intricacies woven into every track, and you'll be compelled to dig deeper.

The closest comparison you could throw at this is Rage Against The Machine, only with a shed-load more melody and groove. Andrew Ferris' vocal delivery is sharp and pointed on every track, Cahir O'Doherty's guitar lines and solos are wailing and awesome, drummer Raife Burchell's rhythms are played out to perfection and Jamie's basslines just pile it on thick. these four men could well be the funkiest white fellas since the Beastie Boys.

'Backlash Cop' is a record so crammed full of ideas and detail it makes you want to list to it from start to finish, over and over again. If you're expecting 'Once Like A Spark' Mark II then you won't find it here, but if you're looking for something fresh, new and exciting then seek no further - this is where it's at.

- Jonny Tiernan, Alternative Ulster