Room Thirteen Review 'Breakfast In NYC'

'The perfect soundtrack for the 2006 summer of love' - 11/13

Northern Irish duo Oppenheimer trade in saccharine sweet twee pop of the finest order on their debut single "Breakfast In NYC". Dependant on your stance when it comes to twee you'll either a) be skipping around your house/flat/hall of residence with gleeful abandon or b) reaching for your Fugazi records or perhaps something a bit louder. I'm more inclined to side with the former category as this is lovely stuff that'll make your heart skip a few beats.

The perfect soundtrack for the 2006 summer of love this single is a heady concoction of twinkling glockenspiel, gently strummed guitars, thrumming bass and school teacher Shaun Robinson's dulcet tones. Oppenheimer's well crafted melodies will certainly give the Postal Service food for thought as they prep their next release. Mix-tape makers / vinyl obsessives take note: you'll need to move sharpish to snap up a copy of this beauty as it's limited to a mere 400 hand numbered 7"s.

- Clark Summers, Room Thirteen