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The Moi Non Plus


Sample-heavy indie rock from the Netherlands. The Moi Non Plus are an art rock duo formed in 2006 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Named after the Serge Gainsbourg classic ‘Je t’aime... moi non plus,’ the duo consists of singer/guitarist, Bas Morch and singer/drummer, Leon Caren. The group’s process of primarily using drum and guitar samples give them a distinctive, stripped-down sound similar to dance-punk acts like the Rapture and Death from Above 1979. The duo released their debut self-titled album in 2008 on Smalltown America Records and their own Subbacultcha! label.


  • The Moi Non Plus - The Moi Non Plus

    The Moi Non Plus
    The Moi Non Plus


    Ha Ha Ha
    Jil Sander Makes Your Eyes Black
    I Lie
    Where Is Everything
    I've Got The Heart
    Can I Get You
    What If We Do It
    Sudden Impact
    I Want It
    Wake Up


    These twelve tracks from the Dutch drum/guitar/sample duo combine the unsettling and the explosive – simultaneously unpredictable, yet rhythmically pulsating art-rock delivered with lung-scorching vocal intensity and rib-rattling guitar drones. A challenging yet rewarding sonic experience from a band famed for a teeth-grittedly intense live set.



    Release Date

    12 Oct 2009