Sullivan And Gold

Heartstrong, acoustic-based duo from County Derry, Northern Ireland. For fans of Bombay Bicycle Club, Iron & Wine and Fleet Foxes

Sullivan & Gold release their new album on Smalltown America, ‘For Foes’ in the UK and Ireland on November 25th, 2013. Sullivan & Gold is the pen name of Adam Montgomery (Bass/Guitar/Vocals) and Ben Robinson (Piano/Guitar/Vocals) who both hail from Co. Derry, Northern Ireland.

Their sound is an evocative mix of Laurel Canyon soul and British alt-indie - bold, atmospheric and emotive songs for fans of Bombay Bicycle Club, Iron & Wine and Fleet Foxes.

A lush and sumptuously arranged record, indebted in part to production collaboration with Conor Mason (Little Bear); ‘For Foes’ is an ambitious album focusing on a central character, who is reflecting on his life’s loves, losses and betrayals. Each track provokes new questions about the protagonist’s life and each is painted against a memorable, cinematic backdrop - from the beaches of Castlerock to the historic churches of St. Petersburg.

Previous fans of Adam and Ben’s work (in indie-rockers The Good Fight) will be familiar with their closely woven harmonies and souful use of melody. On ‘For Foes’ this is taken to new heights, soaring falsetto and dense backgrounds imbue these songs with an ethereal, otherworldly quality.

A deftly realised debut, ‘Foe Foes’ provides a brand new soundtrack for anyone that finds themselves falling in or out of love.


Ben Robinson
Vocals, Piano, Guitar
Adam Montgomery
Vocals, Guitar, Bass