Negative Pegasus

Consciousness expanding, hard-psych three-piece from Brighton, England. For fans of Oneida, Ex Models and Can.

Negative Pegasus' sound is a world away from their sunny, seaside home in Southern England. Richard Netley (Guitar/Vocals), Todd Jordan (Guitar/Vocals) and Carla Foss (Drums) mix droning, grinding loops with wild, sheets of guitar feedback to create a malevolent stew of hard-psyche and woozy, drone-garage.

Born from a mutual love of the NYC-rock of Oneida, the free-time whirl of Sightings and the joint-snapping mathematics of KILLL and Zu - Neg Peg’s repetitive rhythms are overlaid with ghostly vocals, primal, pounding drums and a thick, choking haze of reverberant effects.

"[Negative Pegasus] remind me of Wire, when they're at their most mental or Copenhagan newcomers Iceage... or maybe it's just psych trying to be pushed to the limit." NME

The tracks on debut album Looming weave between primordial bone-shakers, stretched-out growls and ethereal retro-pop nuggets. Recorded over a period of 17 hours in an empty warehouse space in Sussex with producer Steffan Eliades, the end-result is equally joyous and disturbing. “Steffan is really inventive”, explains Todd, “he has a wonderful mind for perverting electronics and turning broken musical gear into awesome, evil, undead versions of their previous selves. He fits right in!”

“One of the amps Richard recorded with had a speaker that was totally disconnected from the rest of the electronics, and we didn’t even notice until after the recordings were finished. That’s Steffan’s influence. He’s our glitch-wrangler.”

The Neg Peg live experience is an apocalyptic blend of Daft Punk rhythms, shamanistic stomps and swamp-rock Creedence licks? “I fucking love Creedence”, continues Todd, “We share the same basic concept, it’s all about riffs and echo. Remove the country bits from Creedence and Neg Peg isn't so different, really. Less 'kerchiefs though.”

Embodying the same commitment to repetition as Oneida, the Neg Peg show is relentless and jaw-dropping audio-visual experience. “We want people that have heard Negative Pegasus not to be able to hear anything else because they are now deaf and/or insane.”

That commitment to the culturally extreme runs throughout the bands’ psyche and record collections “There’s a supremely obscure Brooklyn noise band called Knyfe Hyts, that rarely play live, and have only released a handful of barely audible cassettes and one track on a 7”. They were an enormous influence on us in the early days – they are genuinely unhinged.”

Neg Peg - a band in league with their devils.


Richard Netley
Todd Jordan
Carla Foss