Little Bear

Derry band with a huge heart.

Derry collective Little Bear formed just over a year ago and since then have been on a rapid and beautiful upward spiral. Little Bear articulate breath-taking musical soundscapes over intricate rhythmic patterns, grounded by heart-felt and deeply personal lyricism.

Cousins Mark and Ryan met songwriter Steven at a local college music performance course in 2004 and have written together ever since. Multi-instrumentalist Conor Mason joined the band mid-2012 and since then the band have not looked back. Steven picks up, “I had a few tunes that I was writing in my bedroom that were quite similar in sound and worked perfectly as a set. Conor mixed those initial demos and he became a full time member soon afterward.”

Steadily building a reputation as one of the island’s hardest working live bands, Little Bear has recently shared stages with Ryan Bingham and Hudson Taylor. As last minute additions to the Derry leg of Other Voices the quartet were delighted to be in the company of Laura Marling, Daughter and Villagers. Phenomenal, passionate live sets have attracted capacity crowds and a growing legion of die-hard Derry fans.

“Family is a big theme in our music and is something that everyone can relate to. We see ourselves as a family, we have a very deep connection as a band and invite our fans in warmly. I love melodies, I love creating them and developing them and I think a good melody helps in interaction with fans. If you mix a singable melody and reachable lyrics, you're almost certain to make a connection."


Steven McCool
Vocal, Bass
Mark O'Doherty
Ryan Griffiths
Conor Mason