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Let Our Enemies Beware


Tortured mathrock by an English band whose star shone briefly, but incredibly brightly. Occupying the same sonic territory as Hot Snakes, Slint and Faith No More at their most berserk, the four-piece childhood friends create a particularly perverted take on art-punk. LOEB's songs are strangled into submission - Sha's visceral screaming creating nightmarish sonic visions; scrawls of guitar and a 'no-bass' manifesto evoking an image of a band trapped on an icy alien world removed from all human contact. Uneasy...


  • Let Our Enemies Beware - Against Karate

    Let Our Enemies Beware
    Against Karate


    Chatham-based noise terrorists Let Our Enemies Beware are here to remind us just how exciting dislocated rhythms and razor-wire riffing can be.


    I Am Lono
    Pow! Right In The Kisser
    Personal Space Invaders
    Fools, Philistines, Heretics and Whores
    Between Us And The Sun
    Noise Equals Death
    I'm Not Laughing, I'm Choking
    Inhale Sleep
    Momento Mori

    STA060 · 07 Sep 2009
  • Let Our Enemies Beware - Pow! Right In The Kisser

    Let Our Enemies Beware
    Pow! Right In The Kisser


    “Post-rock-cum-something-core bunch Let Our Enemies Beware prove that as long as there are guitars, there will be exciting British talent to abuse them.” - Rock Sound

    “Let Our Enemies Beware are roughly eighteen leagues ahead of ninety percent of British rock bands out there, right now, this instant.” - Drowned In Sound

    “We’re looking for really exciting, really forward thinking visceral rock & roll and this band are delivering right now.” - Zane Lowe, BBC Radio One

    “Let Our Enemies beware are a brilliantly talented and fresh act that are sure to blow you away and leave a buzzing in your ears. Ignore them at your peril.” - The Mag

    “Led by a zealous half-Egyptian frontman, they blend the dynamics of Mogwai with the exhilaration factor of Faith No More, winning over the doubters with their interesting grooves and chaotic demeanor.” - The Fly

    “[Let Our Enemies Beware] reminds you that guitar music can still be incendiary and thrilling.” - Stephen McCauley, BBC Radio Ulster


    Pow! Right In The Kisser
    This Channel Is Hag Ridden With Echoes
    Thunderbolt Peer
    Negative Ghostrider

    STA056 · 21 Sep 2009