Pure Fire! Belfast based, four piece ass kickers - possessors of Jonny Black (aka 'that guy from LaFaro').

Polar opposite to the delicate poise of the influential jazz bassist Scott LaFaro from which this Belfast quartet takes their name, LaFaro are a wrecking ball of a band. Their rhythmic post-hardcore is designed to pulverize dance floors and leave no bottle of beer undrunk - this is music distilled to its fundamental elements – 'We hark back to time when rock music was still fun' states lead rabble-rouser Johnny Black ominously.

Recalling The Jesus Lizard, Shellac, Helmet (with whom the band have toured Europe) and NI heroes Therapy? LaFaro have character, chops and emotion oozing through every seedy riff 'I love to write about life's dark little secrets - the things we all know happen but never get discussed'. Released in October 2011, part meditation on Northern Ireland, part metal concept album, 'Easy Meat' is a dense, troubling and exhilaratingly kick ass affair. Validating the concept of a long player being relevant in the digital age, this record is a visceral thrill from first needle-drop to run-out groove. Chiseled out in a deep Bangor winter, this is LaFaro's finest piece of work to date and is a testament to a great band's continuing mission to make brutal, life-defining punk rock. Which has seen 'Easy Meat' being included in various 'Album of The Year' lists, including that of Rock Sound Magazine's.

Following the departure of bassist Herb Magee, the band devoured both O'Doherty brothers - Cahir (of Fighting With Wire / Jetplane Landing) and Oisin, on the Easy Meat tour - before re-uniting the Magee brothers again. Now, back to the lineup that created their first two albums, the band are stronger than ever and hungry for blood.


Jonny Black
Alan Lynn
Dave Magee
Herb Magee