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Crooked Mountain, Crooked Sea

Hailing from Brighton, post-rock / post hardcore four piece Crooked Mountain, Crooked Sea have covered a lot of ground since they began playing shows last year. Their sound is ever-evolving, taking a staid genre and making it poignant, relevant and interesting again. Complex rhythms and intelligent lyrics sung with agitated, shouted vocals lead to far flung comparisons ranging from CURSIVE for their similarly narrative songs, to the restrained rage of FUGAZI and AT THE DRIVE-IN, and in quieter moments the introspection and melody of RED HOUSE PAINTERS. Already a favourite of BBC6 Music's Tom Robinson, they have appeared on the show for an interview and gained extensive airplay on the Introducing strand.


  • Crooked Mountain, Crooked Sea - I Watched It From The Roadside

    Crooked Mountain, Crooked Sea
    I Watched It From The Roadside


    Slow News Day
    They Don't Mean Anything
    Out In The Dark
    Like Mice In The Cellar
    That Drums Discordant Sound
    Time And Place


    Their new EP 'I Watched It From the Roadside' features six tracks, each as well thought-out as the next, the sophisticated build-ups laced with relentless hooks, and lyrics by the two singers that shout bloody murder. Opener 'Slow News Day' builds though restrained melodic guitars and vocals before exploding into the band's more familiar sonic assault. The record continues to build through the dynamic and rhythmic twists and turns of hard-hitting 'They Don't Mean Anything' and schizophrenic 'Out In the Dark'. The exceptional rhythm section battles with lung splitting dual vocals on 'Like Mice In the
    Cellar', a track that has already brought the band into the public eye by being included on cult label Big Scary Monsters' 10 Collection compilation. The reflective and moody 'That Drum's Discordant Sound' is followed by 'Time and Place' an atmospheric, feedback strewn EP closer.



    Release Date

    16 Aug 2010