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Lo-fi indie rock/punk from Birmingham, England. Calories are a three-piece indie rock band from Birmingham, England. The band formed in 2008 following the break-up of the trio’s noise rock band Distophia and consists of singer/bassist, Pete Dixon, singer/guitarist, John Biggs and drummer, Tom Whitfield. Their lo-fi but deeply melodic indie rock sound has been compared to that of American contemporaries No Age, Hot Snakes and Cap’n Jazz. Calories’ debut album, ‘Adventuring’, was recorded in just five days following their third...


  • Calories - Adventuring



    Clash: "Its stripped-back style exudes accessibility aplenty, each and every furious riff tempered by a developed pop sensibility. Across the course of less than a half-hour (the guys don’t mess about – track starts, bang, you’re in) earholes are subjected to a barrage of acerbic guitars, percussion that kicks and spits, and sing-along-friendly vocals which imply that Calories could well become a live circuit favourite."

    Rock Sound: "Opener 'A Bear, A Bison' certainly starts things off in the right direction, and what follows is a collection of well-crafted,multi-facted songs that owe a great deal to the works of 'Speedo' John Reis and his San Diegan Hot Snakes. Throw in some good old British post-hardcore to the mix, plus an undercurrent reminiscent of a 'Green'-era REM and what you have is a full-fat (excuse the pun), guilt-free musical experience. Let the adventure begin." 8/10


    A Bear A Bison
    Caught In The In-between
    To Encounter A Deer
    Fragile Numbers
    Oh Ksst
    Same Ideals
    See You On The Expedition
    Forests Of Varg

    STA055 · 09 Mar 2009
  • Calories - Let's Pretend That We're Older

    Let's Pretend That We're Older


    Let's Pretend That We're Older
    Arm A Leg
    Expect The Language
    Hands Off

    STA068 · 30 Nov 2009