Formed during 2012 around the long-running musical partnership of guitarist/vocalist John Biggs and drummer Tom Whitfield (both formerly of Calories & Distophia), the scope of Burning Alms quickly outgrew that of their previous projects.

“In Sequence”, the eagerly-awaited debut album from Burning Alms. Recorded with producer and multi-instrumentalist Dom James, the album’s 16 tracks betray influences as diverse as Hot Snakes, Glenn Branca, Swans and Sun Kil Moon. Noisy pop nuggets rub shoulders with yearning acoustic ballads, bookended by droning jazz-tinged instrumentals and found-sound vignettes, which showcase the band’s more experimental tendencies.

The band aim to bring more than just noise to the table. Inspired by classic American literature, existentialism and the creeping, inevitable demise of our fragile environment, their songs weave a compelling narrative which disturbs and exhilarates in equal measure. Wrapping sheets of noise and feedback around an impossibly delicate melodic core, the many contrasting sounds on this album aptly convey the horror, beauty and desperation of modern life: that which we often choose to ignore.


Thomas Mark Whitfield
John Robert Biggs