Alan MX

Gifted, prodigious experimental, English singer songwriter Alan MX - whose material variously deals with monsters, natural disasters, heterosexual crushes and the advance of alien technology.

Breathtakingly unique, Alan MX challenges all our notions of modern, digital pop. Equal measures Morrissey, Brel, Yorke, Richard James and Peaches make up a dizzying, multi-faceted whole.

On his debut album (his sixth completed studio set of songs) Warpsichord, Alan MX (real name Patterson) treated us to one unorthodox pop classic after another. Beats and paranoia, lust and broken machinery, acoustic fragments and snapped heart strings - the record juddered under the weight of invention.

Currently working on his second full length, a concept album based on an original work of crime fiction, Alan MX continues to push boundaries and buttons.

In some alternate universe, Alan MX is queen of the dance floor, in a discotheque where humanoids, aliens and machinery writhe in electro-ecstasy. In his own words 'I reverse the roles of rhythm and melody, give the lead to a beat and colour it with a collection of notes, arranged like budding flowers around the stark wreath of rumbles.'


Alan MX

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