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4 Or 5 Magicians


4 OR 5 MAGICIANS are a four or five piece alternative rock outfit from Brighton, UK. They take most obvious influence from the golden era of American indie rock… GUIDED BY VOICES, REM, NIRVANA, THE REPLACEMENTS, SEBADOH, DINOSAUR JR, PAVEMENT, THE PIXIES, BUILT TO SPILL, and early WEEZER and EVERCLEAR, but could write a list as long as your arm of bands who have influenced them, and even then, you’d have to have a pretty long arm, and a pretty fine nib on your ballpoint.


  • 4 Or 5 Magicians - Nice Little Earner

    4 Or 5 Magicians
    Nice Little Earner (Single)


    Nice Little Earner



    Release Date

    09 Oct 2009
  • 4 Or 5 Musicians - Empty, Derivative Pop Songs

    4 Or 5 Musicians
    Empty, Derivative Pop Songs

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    I'm In The Band
    Forever On The Edge
    Behind Each Others Backs
    Out Of My Hands
    Form An Orderly Queue
    Your Fictitious Character
    Is This Your Ideal Man
    Nice Little Earner
    Change The Record
    Oh Darwin
    Preaching To The Conversed


    Eagerly awaited and warmly embraced, 4 Or 5 Magicians' debut album 'Empty, Derivative Pop Songs' is a pseudo-cynical, satirical collection of eleven high-octane, guitar driven, lyrical laments with the common theme of the folly of life, and the fallibility of man, which revels in its own struggle against imperfection. All tracks were recorded on a laptop in short blasts, in a rehearsal room with half-busted equipment, in under 18 hours total, for around £100. The lyrics ruefully grins at its own hypocrisy: "Way over your heads, you're too stupid to get my edgy, alternative rock songs / Well, if you think you do, the joke's on you, they're just empty, derivative pop songs", Ormsby sniggers on 'Change The Record'.



    Release Date

    26 Oct 2009